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Woodworking for Food

I read in the Washington Post that a local high-school student wanted to do something for his community. So he learned woodworking, and started making furniture and other wood items to sell. All the proceeds go to Bethesda Cares, to help feed the homeless. On his website, I noticed his logo could use some polish, so I got in touch and donated my graphic design services.

Modern Songbook Records

The client is a composer and performer, and he runs his own record label. The music is cocktail lounge jazzy fun. This logo give that retro feel of music that you'd dress up for.

Lasso Data Partners

This small business is headed by an accountant and a project manager. They round up the facts and figures and corral them into visual information about their client's business.

​Muddy Paws Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

This is a dog-walking business run by a guy who LOVES dogs and has a sense of humor. The logo reflects the goofy fun of dogs.

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